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Iberia is a peninsula in southwestern Europe.

Iberia may also refer to:

Historical meanings[edit]



  • Caucasian Iberians
  • Kingdom of Iberia (302 BC–580 AD), an ancient Georgian kingdom
  • Sasanian Iberia (523–626/627 AD), the eastern parts of Caucasian Georgia under direct Sasanian rule
  • Principality of Iberia (580-880 AD), a conventional term for an aristocratic regime in early medieval Caucasian Georgia that flourished between the sixth and ninth centuries
  • Iberia (theme) (c. 1000-1074 AD), an administrative and military unit of the Byzantine Empire

Southwestern Europe[edit]


Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]


  • Deportes Iberia, a Chilean football club based in Los Ángeles
  • Iberia SC, a former Spanish football club based in Zaragoza, Aragon

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