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Ice Devils Sofia (Bulg. Хокеен Клуб "Ледени Дяволи") is a Bulgarian ice hockey club, from Sofia. The club is playing in the second-highest ice hockey league of Bulgaria, the Balkan Amateur Hockey League (BaHL).


The "Ice Devils" were founded by enthuisastic ice hockey fans, which were searching for a club, to practice hockey. Since the club was founded, more and more players joined. In the beginning it started with seven players, which exceeded by time more than 30 by now. The team is practicing and competing in the Slavia ice stadium, Sofia.


The "Ice Devils" were able to win their first BaHL Championship in the season 2013-14.

Season Result
2007/08 2nd BaHL

1st B group National Chamnpionship

2008/09 2nd BaHL
2009/10 2nd BaHL
2010/11 3rd BaHL
2011/12 4th BaHL (Group A)
4th BaHL (Group B)
2012/13 2nd BaHL (Group A)
2nd BaHL (Group B)
2013/14 1st BaHL (Group A)
1st BaHL (Group B)



Name Nationality
Angelov, Plamen Bulgaria
Avakyan, Aleksandar Bulgaria
Dilov, Luben Bulgaria
Dimitrov, Aleksandar Bulgaria
Dimitrov, Borislav Bulgaria
Eftimov, Gerasim Bulgaria
Ganchev, Galin Bulgaria
Gyazov, Kiril Bulgaria
Hunzinger, Klaus Germany
Iliev, Slav Bulgaria
Ivanov, Georgi Bulgaria
Klima, Martin Slovakia
Kolarov, Sabin Bulgaria
Konov, Dimitar Bulgaria
Kresteva, Vesela Bulgaria
Lisichkova, Tina Bulgaria
Marinov, Dimitar Bulgaria
Milanov, Aleksandar Bulgaria
Nenov, Yuri Bulgaria
Nikolov, Nikolai Bulgaria
Pantaleev, Aleksandar Bulgaria
Penev, Penio Bulgaria
Peneva, Alisa Bulgaria
Raschkov, Ivan Bulgaria
Šprongl, Martin Czech Republic
Stanchev, Josif Bulgaria
Stoimenov, Svilen Bulgaria
Stoimenova, Mariyana Bulgaria
Stoyanov, Nikolai Bulgaria
Stoyanov, Stoyan Bulgaria
Stoyanov, Vladimir Bulgaria
Valentovic, Peter Slovakia
Virág, Csaba Slovakia
Vladimirov, Vladimir Bulgaria
Vlk, Jiri Czech Republic

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