Integris Cancer Institute

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Integris Cancer Institute
Location Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Coordinates 35°36′39″N 97°37′21″W / 35.61083°N 97.62250°W / 35.61083; -97.62250Coordinates: 35°36′39″N 97°37′21″W / 35.61083°N 97.62250°W / 35.61083; -97.62250
Lists Hospitals in Oklahoma

Integris Cancer Institute, is one of the seven comprehensive cancer treatment centers in the United States, currently providing both conventional radiation therapy and proton therapy.[1] ICIO Proton Campus, including the ProCure Proton Therapy Center, at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.[2][3] ICIO offers the first[4] Brainlab radiosurgery system to Oklahoma implementing with Varian Novalis Tx.[5] ICIO serves more than 3.6 million people in the Southwest area, mainly Oklahoma,[6][7] and residents from North Texas, Kansas, and Arkansas.

Integris Cancer Institute is a campus of Integris Baptist Medical Center.


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