Ida Makes a Movie

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Ida Makes a Movie
Directed by Kit Hood
Linda Schuyler
Produced by Kit Hood
Linda Schuyler
Written by Amy Jo Cooper
Starring Zoe Newman
Elwy Yost
National Film Board of Canada (NFB)
Playing With Time Inc.
Running time
23 min.
Country Canada
Language English

Ida Makes a Movie (1979) is the short film that inspired the Degrassi franchise. It was directed by Kit Hood and Linda Schuyler and was written by Amy Jo Cooper. The story was adapted from the children's picture book Ida Makes a Movie, written by Kay Chorao.


The National Film Board of Canada is sponsoring a movie festival. Ida Lucas is a nine-year-old girl who decides to make a movie about the environment (specifically garbage), and enter it into the festival. The judges, thinking the film is about war, accept Ida's film into the festival finals.

Credited cast[edit]

  • Zoe Newman - Ida Lucas
  • Dawn Harrison - Catherine "Cookie" Peters
  • Allan Meiusi - Fred Lucas


Linda Schuyler's friend Bruce Mackey let his house be used as a location; his dog Rayn[clarification needed] appears in the film.


Ida Makes A Movie, the first of four Degrassi television shorts, inspired directors Kit Hood and Linda Schuyler to create The Kids of Degrassi Street and then Degrassi Junior High etc. Today it has turned into a major franchise that has spread to numerous countries, continuing today as Degrassi: Next Class.



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