Idaho Falls Spuds

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Idaho Falls Spuds
Idaho Falls, Idaho
PreviousClass C (1926–1928)
Minor league affiliations
Previous leagues
Utah-Idaho League (1926–1928)
Major league affiliations
Minor league titles
League titles 1926, 1927
Team data
Previous names
Idaho Falls Spuds (1926–1928)
Previous parks
Highland Park (1926–1928)

The Idaho Falls Spuds were a minor league baseball team based in Idaho Falls, Idaho from 1926–1928. The Idaho Falls Spuds played as members of the Utah-Idaho League.

The Idaho Falls Spuds were followed by the Idaho Falls Russets, who joined the Pioneer League in 1940. Today, the Idaho Falls Chukars franchise continues play in the Pioneer League.


Minor League baseball began in Idaho Falls in 1926, when the Idaho Falls Spuds became charter members of the newly formed Utah-Idaho League. The Idaho Falls Spuds joined the Logan Collegians, Ogden Gunners, Pocatello Bannocks, Salt Lake City Bees and Twin Falls Bruins in the new six-team league.[1][2]

The 1926 Idaho Falls Spuds won the 1926 Utah-Idaho League Championship, with a 75–39 record, 11.5 games ahead of the 2nd place Twin Falls Bruins. The league did not have playoffs in 1926.[3][4]

In 1927, the Spuds finished 52–47 (3rd) in the regular season. In the 1927 playoffs, the Idaho Falls Spuds defeated the Pocatello Bannocks 4 games to 3 to claim their second consecutive Utah-Idaho League Championship.[5][4]

In 1928, the Idaho Falls Spuds were 17–38, when the franchise disbanded on July 5, 1928. The Twin Falls Bruins folded on the same day. The Utah-Idaho League finished the 1928 season with the four remaining teams, but folded permanently after the season.[6][7][8][4]

Idaho Falls minor league baseball resumed in 1940, when the Idaho Falls Russets became a member franchise of the Pioneer League, a league still playing as a Rookie League today.[9]

The ballpark[edit]

The Idaho Falls Spuds played at Highland Park. The ballpark sat within Highland Park. All Idaho Falls teams since have played in ballparks at the same location. Highland Park had a capacity of 3,000 (1927), with dimensions (Left, Center, Right) of 350-400-350 (1927). Highland Park ballpark was located at 500 West Elva, Idaho Falls, Idaho.[10][11]

Today, Highland Park contains Melaleuca Field, which hosts the Idaho Falls Chukars of the Pioneer League. Melaleuca Field is located at 568 West Elva,Idaho Falls, Idaho, 83406.[8][12]

Notable alumni[edit]


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