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Ifakara Health Institute
logo of the Ifakara Health Institute
Ifakara Health Institute logo
FounderRudolf Geigy
Key people
  • Martin Mfikwa, Chief Operating Officer
  • Fredros Okumu, Director of Science
  • Honorati Masanja, Chief Executive Director
nearly 600 (in 2009)[1]
Formerly called
Ifakara Health Research and Development Centre

The Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) is a health research organization with offices in Ifakara, Dar es Salaam, Ikwiriri, Bagamoyo, and Mtwara, Tanzania.[2][3] The institute conducts health-related research in a variety of areas, including malaria and HIV/AIDS.[4]


Tower reads, "Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health, Ifakara".
Tower at the Ifakara Health Institute campus in Ifakara, Tanzania.

A field laboratory of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute was founded in Ifakara in 1956 by Rudolf Geigy.[1] From 1981-1984, it was led by Marcel Tanner.[5] It was renamed the "Ifakara Centre" in 1991, the "Ifakara Health Research and Development Centre, IHRDC" in 1996, and the "Ifakara Health Institute" in 2008.[6]

The Ifakara Health Institute was featured in the Al Jazeera Lifelines documentary The End Game in 2014.[7] Fredros Okumu gave a talk featuring the IHI the at TEDGlobal conference in 2017.[8]


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