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GenreAcoustic, Folk Rock, Lo-Fi
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Allmusic4/5 stars[1]

Ifyoubelievein is the first solo album by Bryan MacLean, who was previously known as the rhythm guitarist and second singer-songwriter in the original lineup of the Los Angeles folk rock band Love. The album was assembled of mono demo tapes his mother Elizabeth McKee had found at home. She catalogued them and managed to acquire a record deal while Brian was in rehab in 1995.[2] It notably includes renditions of his best-known songs from Love's repertoire, namely "Orange Skies", "Alone Again Or" and "Old Man".

The title of the album was styled after the Love song "Andmoreagain", which has been credited as co-written by both band leader Arthur Lee and Bryan MacLean on some releases.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Barber John" (recorded 1967)
  2. "Fresh Hope" (recorded 1966)
  3. "Kathleen" (recorded 1966)
  4. "Orange Skies" (recorded 1966)
  5. "Strong Commitment" (recorded 1966)
  6. "Alone Again Or" (recorded 1972)
  7. "Tired of Sitting" (recorded 1966)
  8. "Blues Singer" (recorded 1966)
  9. "Friday's Party" (recorded 1982)
  10. "People" (recorded 1966)
  11. "Claudia" (recorded 1982)
  12. "If You Believe in" (recorded 1982)
  13. "Orange Skies" (recorded 1982)
  14. "Alone Again Or" (recorded 1982)
  15. "She Looks Good" (recorded 1966)
  16. "Old Man" (recorded 1966)