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Father Ignatius Krekshino (Russian: Ignatij Krekschin, born in 1956) is a Russian Greek-Catholic priest and Father Superior.


Krekshino graduated from the Department of Art and History Faculty of Moscow State University and the Moscow Orthodox Theological Seminary. On 5 November 1989 he was ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Gregory Mozhaiskoye. He served as rector of the Nativity Bobreneva monastery. Krekshino was also a supporter of the introduction of the Russian language in the liturgy and has signed a Message from the 10 April 1994 called for a discussion of the liturgical order. Prior to 1998, was secretary of the Commission for the canonization and a member of the Theological Commission of the Holy Synod. In 1998 the decision of the Holy Synod had granted a petition for dismissal of the rector of Nativity Bobreneva monastery due to deduction for health reasons. Since 1999 he is a convert to Catholicism[1] and has served in the Greek-Catholic Church of Saint Nicholas in Munich and after in the Catholic church of Saint Procopius in Tübingen.


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