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Il Pompeo is a dramma per musica in 3 acts by composer Alessandro Scarlatti. Written in 1682 when Scarlatti was 22 years old, it was his fourth opera and first dramatic work on a serious and grand subject. The opera uses an Italian language libretto by Nicolò Minato which had previously been used by Francesco Cavalli for his 1666 opera Pompeo Magno. The work premiered at the Teatro di Palazzo Colonna in Rome on 25 January 1683.[1]


Role[2] Voice type[2] Premiere cast
25 January 1683
Pompeo tenor
Giulio Cesare bass
Giulia, daughter of Giulio Cesare contralto
Scipione Servilio, loved by Giulia soprano
Mitridate tenor
Issicratea, Mitridate's wife soprano
Sesto, son of Pompeo alto castrato
Claudio, son of Giulio Cesare soprano
Harpalia, Issicratea's slave soprano or tenor
Farnace, son of Mitridate soprano castrato


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