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ILA or Ila may refer to:


  • Ila, Georgia, a community in United States
  • Ila, Osun, a local government area in Nigeria
  • Ila, Trondheim, an area in the city of Trondheim in Norway
  • Ila, a traditional spelling of Scottish island Islay


  • Ila Loetscher (1904–2000), aviational pioneer and turtle explorer
  • Ila Arun, popular Indian actress, TV personality and Rajasthani folk/folk-pop singer
  • Ila Mitra (1925–2002), born Ila Sen, social reformer of Indian subcontinent
  • Ila Borders (born 1975), professional baseball player, United States
  • Ila Lóth (1900–1975), Hungarian film actress
  • Ila Ray Hadley (1942–1961), American figure skater
  • Ila Pant (born 1938), Indian politician and a former Member of Parliament
  • Ila Patnaik, Indian economist and Principal Economic Advisor to the Indian Govt
  • Ila Mae McAfee (1900–1996), American painter, muralist, illustrator and author
  • Ila Arab Mehta (born 1938), Gujarati novelist and story writer

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