Ilana Yahav

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Ilana Yahav
Born Israel
Occupation Artist
Website [1]

Ilana Yahav (Hebrew: אילנה יהב‎‎) is a sand animation artist from Israel. She has performed in front of live audiences,[1] in video clips and in advertisements.[2][3]


Yahav studied sand art in Hollywood, New York and London. She later ran a studio which created realistic latex puppets, specializing in special effects for movie productions and advertisements. During this time she created puppets for a political satire program on Israeli television called Chartzufim,[4] based on the British show Spitting Image. Yahav has performed at the Kremlin, as well as before the King of Spain,[5] and the King of Belgium.

Sand art performances[edit]

Each performance requires lengthy preparations beginning with numerous sketches and experiments on the sand table itself. The creation generally undergoes extensive changes until the final version is crystallized.[6] During the performances, Yahav uses her hands to create images in sand on a transparent back-lit table, while a video camera positioned above her displays the emerging creation on a screen in real-time. Music and light form important elements of Yahav's creations. Lights emerge from under the transparent table and a soundtrack plays which has been selected by her to convey specific messages and sensations. Original music is sometimes composed and produced especially for this purpose.[7]

Sand art ilana yahav performance.JPG


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