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Ileana Cosânzeana depicted on a Moldovan stamp

Ileana (also Illeana, Iliana) is a female given name. It is the feminine form of the male name Elijah. It has been adapted for Romanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Spanish (in Spanish there is also Ilean and in Romanian Liana). In Romanian it is a form of the name "Helen" (another form is Elena), and a hypocoristic for Ileana is Nuţi (from Elenuţa, Ilenuţa). In Romanian mythology, Ileana Cosânzeana is a mythological feminine figure represented as a beautiful good-natured princess, embodying the concept of feminine beauty. Ileana or Illeana may refer to:



  • Ileana, a commune in Călăraşi County, Romania
  • Ileana, a village in Glodeanu Sărat Commune, Buzău County, Romania

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