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Ileogbo is the headquarters of Aiyedire Local Government in Osun State, Nigeria. It is situated midway between Ibadan and Osogbo, the capitals of Oyo and Osun State. Ibadan is about 44 km to the south of Ileogbo while Osogbo is about 42 km to its north, Oyo 40 km to its west, while Gbongan and Ife are located to the east of the town.

The name Ileogbo comes from an old Yoruba folk tale that the people in this town had a very long life span. Ileogbo means the land of the old. The settlers in this town used to have a saying "Ile Ogbo mi ni mo de yi" (meaning the place where I will live till I am very old), and the name was later shortened to Ileogbo.

The Olu of Ileogbo is Oba Abeeb Adetoyese Agbaje (aka Kadara) Arowo Okun Joye 11

Ileogbo is one of the famous Yoruba land with its famous cultural activities and tradition,


Ore (ileogbo Ilu ore, omo arepo panda) said to be the protector of ileogbo citizen both home and abroad. Ore festival come once a year and it attracts people far and wide.

Eegun festival (masquerade) it is festivity that draws people from other towns and cities to Ileogbo.

Igbo festival is a must see tradition where young and old, men and women, boys and girls loyal to Igbo festival will be flogging themselves publicly in the city center.

Ileogbo has some private and public secondary schools like Luther Kings college ileogbo, community high school ileogbo, African church grammar school, kuta/ileogbo others are Royal ambassador international college, ileogbo, Omoloye group of schools, ileogbo, Daarul-Hikmah Islamic School, Glorious group of schools, ileogbo and lots more

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