Albanian patrol vessel Iliria (P 131)

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Patrol Boat Iliria.jpg
Albanian Naval Brigade patrol vessel Iliria.
Owner: Iliria (P131)
Builder: Damen Group, Netherlands
Commissioned: 2008
Status: Active
General characteristics
Class and type: Damen Stan Patrol 4207
Length: 42.8 m (140 ft)
Beam: 7.1 m (23 ft)
Speed: 26 knots (48 km/h; 30 mph)
Complement: 17
The Iliria, an Albanian Damen Stan type 4207 patrol vessel. Note the cannon on the bow is a water cannon, for fire-fighting.

The Iliria is a patrol vessel of the Albanian Navy Brigade, built by the Damen Group.[1][2][3][4][5] She was the first Damen Stan 4207 patrol vessel to be built for Albania, and was commissioned in 2008.[6] She was built in the Netherlands, while the remaining vessels were built in Albania.[citation needed]

Jane's Naval Construction and Retrofit Markets reported that Albania ordered a total of four vessels.[7] She is used to perform search and rescue duties, as well as coastal patrol.[8]


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