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Image3D manufactures and markets custom 3-D reels and viewers for consumers and corporate customers.

Image3D’s custom 3-D reels and viewers for consumers—called Image3D Celebrate[1]—have the same look and feel as View-Master toys[2] but feature the customer’s own personal photos. Consumers use Image3D custom reels and viewers as wedding invitations and table gifts,[3] photo albums,[4] birthday gifts, party invitations and other mementos.[5]

Image3D’s products for corporate customers—called Image3D Market[6]—are used for marketing campaigns, communications initiatives, training programs, promotional and sales efforts and much more. Companies work with Image3D to design custom reels and viewers that feature their marketing photography and their logos and corporate branding. Image3D’s corporate customers include hundreds of small, medium and large businesses,[7] including organizations such as Pfizer, Nike, Bacardi, Motorola, the Cartoon Network, Ford Motor Company, Pixar, GM, QVC and others.[8]


Image3D was founded in 1997 by Rich Dubnow, the lead 3-D photographer for View-Master for more than two decades.[9] Dubnow’s 3-D photographs for View-Master have been viewed by tens of millions of people in the form of View-Master and Image3D 3-D reels and viewers.

Image3D was founded in Lake Oswego, Oregon but is now based in Beavercreek, Oregon.

Image3D and its nostalgic products have been profiled by a wide range of media. Image3D was featured in the television series How It's Made during 2012. The program is seen on the Discovery Channel and Science Channel in the U.S. and U.K.


Image3D has assured that their viewers are compatible with vintage View-Master reels/discs. [10]

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