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Imatest LLC is a company that produces image quality testing software and offers a range of consulting services. Imatest was founded by photographer/engineer Norman Koren in Boulder, Colorado in 2004 to develop software for testing digital camera image quality.

Using Imatest software, a variety of image quality factors can be analyzed including image sharpness, color response, noise, dynamic range, tonal response, lens flare, lens distortion, lens vignetting, sensor non-uniformity, and color moiré.

Imatest has been adopted by a wide range of industries that employ embedded digital imaging systems, including mobile imaging (camera phones), medical imaging, aerospace and machine vision, as well as publications/reviews, and academic, cultural, and research institutions. Imatest software is referenced in research, art, and industry.[1][2][3]

Among many other applications, Imatest has been used to adjust images with different amounts of sharpening to a standard amount of sharpening, and to compare resolution in of those adjusted images.[4] Imatest also tests color accuracy, tone-scale linearity, image distortion, light falloff, and printing gamut.


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