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Imperial model B typewriter

The Imperial Typewriter Company was a British manufacturer of typewriters based in Leicester, England.

The company was founded by Hidalgo Moya, an American-Spanish engineer who lived in England. After first building the Moya typewriter, he set up the Imperial Typewriter Company in Leicester. It stopped manufacturing typewriters when personal computers became popular causing typewriter sales to fall.

The company was acquired by Litton Industries in 1966, and gradually introduced Royal Typewriter Company models largely assembled from parts shipped from Hartford, Connecticut, United States and the manufacture of typewriters ceased at Leicester in 1974.[1]

Police in front of Imperial Typewriter in Leicester during a protest march in 1974.


  • Imperial A
  • Imperial B
  • Imperial C
  • Imperial D
  • Imperial model 50
  • Imperial model 55
  • Imperial model 60
  • Imperial model 65
  • Imperial model 66
  • Imperial model 70
  • Imperial model 80 (Royal)
  • Imperial model 90
  • Imperial Electric
  • Imperial model 200
  • Imperial War Finish model
  • The Good Companion model 1
  • The Good Companion model 2
  • The Good Companion model 3
  • The Good Companion model 4
  • The Good Companion model 5
  • Imperial Safari model
  • Imperial Messenger Portable Typewriter
  • Imperial Pavey Musigraph


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