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Impro League (also Improvisation League; in Slovene: Impro liga) is the oldest among Slovenian theatresports championships. It has taken place since 1993 with participants from all over the country. In recent years, over hundred participants have competed in a number of disciplines in each season, culminating in finals. Other Slovenian championships that are limited to younger age groups, include School Impro League (ŠILA) for high school teams, while Impro club is dedicated to regular Slovenian performers who have international impro experience with mentors, such as Daniel Gray Goldstein[1] from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, New York City; Randy Dixon from the Unexpected Productions, Seattle, and Andreas Wolf[2] from Munich, Germany.

Finals Venues[edit]

In its 17th incarnation the finals occurred at the Ljubljana Slovene National Theatre Drama venue[3] and since the 20th season they have been hosted by Spanish Fighters Culture Centre venue.[4]



In early 1990s, the concept of theatresports was introduced in Slovenia by the Ana Monró Theatre, founded in 1980s as the first street theatre group in Titoist Yugoslavia. Nowadays well-known performers, including its co-founder Andrej Rozman – Roza, were among the participants in the league' early years.

Since 2005[edit]

Since 2005, under Juš Milčinski management, 19 matches were organized throughout each season between the teams, with 80 participants in 2005/2006, fifteen teams in the 2006/2007 season, and 17 teams in the consequent two seasons.

Winning teams by season

Season First place Second place
1994/95 Ana Monro Theatre Radio Študent
1995/96 Pilots Radio Student Team
1996/97 St.Jakob Theatre Ana Monro Theatre
1997/98 Improvocateurs St.Jakob Theatre
1998/99 Končno sprejeti A-je-to
1999/00 Končno sprejeti Dejmo stisn't impro
2000/01 Dupleška mornarica Pilots
2001/02 Pilots Ud Rudolfov
2002/03 Šterje pravi deci Veselička
2003/04 Muci Buci Veselička
2005/06 Modro nebo Jajo je papajo
2006/07 Modro nebo Veselička
2007/08 A ješ kavo, a veš kao... Merlene Ottey Project
2008/09 Kuli Muli Žahod Šever
2009/10 Kok Drago! Estonija
2010/11 Fookiš Stand up
2011/12 Športni impro klub Jastreb Klasika
2012/13 Eki Paki Vamjevšeč Šah mt
2013/14 IGLU Theatre Ljudje
2014/15 Čarolija Lastniki humorja
2015/16 Spranci na balanci KIKS-men
2015/16 Wien-Beč-Dunaj-Kva Poritiki, Žvali & KIKS-boks
2017/18 SNiG – Slovenian national improv theatre Lastniki humorja


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