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Founded 1999
Founder Darrin Wiener
Jordan Snodgrass
Distributor(s) Allegro/NAIL
Genre Electronic music
Indie rock
Country of origin United States
Location Portland, Oregon
San Diego, California
Official website

Imputor? is an independent record label founded in 1999 by Darrin Wiener (aka Plastiq Phantom) and Jordan Snodgrass. Originally based in both Seattle and San Diego, Imputor? began releasing experimental electronic music (also known as Intelligent dance music or IDM), and has since expanded into styles such as Indie rock and Comedy. Imputor? has since moved its base of operations to Portland, Oregon.


The duo had first met 7 years earlier while attending high-school together in Vista, California, a suburb located in North San Diego County.

The name Imputor? is said to be a made-up contraction of the phrase "I am a computer." It was inspired by the title track Select Imputor? from Plastiq Phantom's debut CD-R EP which was released by the label in 1999.

The official logo of the label is a 5.25" floppy disk, a nostalgic relic from the founders' childhood exposure to computers.

In addition to releasing its own records, Imputor? has distributed other labels including Neverstop, Razler Records, and Mass Mvmnt[citation needed]


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