Inosine pranobex

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Inosine pranobex
INN: Inosine acedoben dimepranol
Inosine pranobex.png
Chemical structures of the three components of inosine pranobex
Combination of
Acedoben dimepranolImmunostimulant
Clinical data
Trade namesImunovir, Delimmun, Isoprinosine
ATC code
PubChem CID
ECHA InfoCard100.048.313 Edit this at Wikidata

Inosine pranobex (BAN; also known as inosine acedoben dimepranol (INN) or methisoprinol) an antiviral drug that is a combination of inosine and dimepranol acedoben (a salt of acetamidobenzoic acid and dimethylaminoisopropanol) in a ratio of 1 to 3. Inosine pranobex has no effect on viral particles itself. Instead, it acts as an immunostimulant, an analog of thymus hormones.[1] It is most commonly used to treat the rare measles complication subacute sclerosing panencephalitis in conjunction with intrathecal interferon therapy.[2]

In the UK, inosine pranobex is also indicated for mucocutaneous infections due to herpes simplex virus (type 1 and type 2) and for treatment of genital warts as adjunctive therapy to podophyllin or carbon dioxide laser.[3]


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