In Our Space Hero Suits

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In Our Space Hero Suits
Studio album by Those Dancing Days
Released 2008
Genre Indie rock, Indie pop
Length 39:36
Label Wichita
Those Dancing Days chronology
In Our Space Hero Suits
Daydreams & Nightmares

In Our Space Hero Suits is the debut LP released by the band Those Dancing Days.[1] Three years later, the band produced the full-length album, Daydreams & Nightmares.


The hand-drawn and hand-painted album cover art was created by group members Cissi Efraimsson and Rebecka Rolfart. The work clearly exemplifies the DIY and independent elements of the group's stylistic essence.

Track listing[edit]

In Our Space Hero Suits
1."Knights In Mountain Fox Jackets" 0:06
2."Falling In Fall"Rebecka Roifart3:27
3."I Know Where You Live"Rebecka Roifart3:08
4."Run Run"Mimmi Evrell3:17
5."Hitten"Linnea Jönsson3:32
6."Actionman"Cissi Efraimsson3:31
7."Shuffle"Linnea Jönsson, Mimmi Evrell3:31
8."Home Sweet Home"Those Dancing Days3:14
9."Duet Under Waters"Rebecka Roifart3:56
10."Kids"Rebecka Roifart3:18
11."Those Dancing Days"Those Dancing Days3:13
12."Spaceherosuits"Mimmi Evrell5:33


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