In the Kingdom of Oil and Millions

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In the kingdom of oil and millions
В царстве нефти и миллионов.jpg
Directed by Boris Svetlov
Written by I.Musabekov
Starring Huseyn Arablinski
Jabbar Garyaghdioglu
Release date
  • 1916 (1916)
Country Azerbaijan, Russian Empire

In the kingdom of oil and millions (Azerbaijani: Neft və milyonlar səltənətində) – is an art film of 1916, shot by film-director Boris Svetlov basing on the motifs of I.Musabeyov’s narrative of the same name.[1][2] It is considered the first art film in the history of Azerbaijan.[3]


Baku in the beginning of the 20th century, everyday life of Baku millionaires and life of workers, who earned their living with hard work in oilfields are shown in the film. Events in the film are unrolled against the background of Jalil’s destiny (performed by V.A.Lenin). Poor Jalil, who grew rich accidentally and became a rich oilman, became friends with Lutfali bey (performed by Huseyn Arablinski) - millionaire and oil magnate. Friendship with this person led Jalil not only to bankruptcy, but also to his total abolition. Unpreparedness of the poor man, who reached up to bourgeois life of the millionaire, is ended tragically.


  • Huseyn ArablinskiLutfeli bey
  • Mammad Alili – a student at mullahkhana
  • Jabbar Garyaghdioglukhananda[4]
  • Gurban Pirimovtar player
  • Madatov – dancer
  • Mirmahmud Kazimovskiy
  • V.A.Lenin – Jalil
  • K.M.Piontovskaya – Shafiga
  • R.F.Lazareva – Olga
  • Yevgeni Muromskiy – Gurban
  • Y. Orlitskaya – Jalil’s mother
  • Y.Ivanovskiy – Shafiga’s father
  • Vladimir Vyazemskiy – Hasan
  • N.Dobrynin – a doctor[5]