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Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações
Motto Construir para a Engenharia Humana (Portuguese)
Motto in English
Train Humanity in Engineering
Established 1965
President Marcelo de Oliveira Marques
Location Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Minas Gerais, Brazil
22°15′26″S 45°41′46″W / 22.25722°S 45.69611°W / -22.25722; -45.69611Coordinates: 22°15′26″S 45°41′46″W / 22.25722°S 45.69611°W / -22.25722; -45.69611
Campus Urban, 75,000 m2

Inatel is short for Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações, the National Institute of Communications of Brazil. The Institute is located on a 75,000 m2 campus in Santa Rita do Sapucaí in southern Minas Gerais. Founded in 1965, it specializes in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications education and research.

As of 2007, Inatel's monthly tuition was 950 reais, and about 5,000 students had graduated from the school.[1]

The Institute sponsors the biennial International Workshop on Telecommunications held in odd-numbered years in Rio de Janeiro.[2]

Researchers at Inatel publish and review technical papers for international conferences.[3]

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