Independent Pilots Association

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Independent Pilots Association
FoundedJanuary 10, 1990
Key people
Robert Travis, President
AffiliationsCoalition of Airline Pilots Associations

The Independent Pilots Association (IPA) is the collective bargaining unit for the more than 2800 airline pilots of United Parcel Service.

IPA Foundation[edit]

Since the early days of the association, the IPA leadership has felt it was important for the membership to be represented to the public in a philanthropic endeavor. Therefore, the Independent Pilots Association Foundation, or IPA Foundation,[1] was officially formed in late 1993. The first fiscal year began on July 1, 1994, and since then the Foundation has functioned as a separate entity, entirely self-sufficient, operated solely from the donations received through its members. As a separate entity, the IPA Foundation conforms to existing labor laws as well as sec. 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

Government affairs[edit]

The IPA Government Affairs Missions statement is: "To promote global aviation safety and security and encourage continued economic growth for the aviation industry". The IPA is a member of The Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations - CAPA.

The IPA has filed suit on December 22, 2011, against the FAA to mandate new rest and duty regulations apply to all cargo airlines as well as passenger airlines.[2]

Historical actions[edit]

The association honored the picket lines when the Teamsters went on strike in 1997 for 16 days.[3]


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