India Fisher

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India Fisher
Born India Fisher
London, England
Residence London, England
Nationality British
Occupation Presenter
Employer BBC
Known for Narrating MasterChef
Home town (Family origin) Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England

India Fisher (born 1974) is a British actress. Her father is the ex-MP Mark Fisher.[1] She is also the stepsister of musician Crispin Hunt and of actress Francesca Hunt, who appears with her in the play Other Lives.

She has appeared in the television series Dead Ringers and provided the voice for the character of Sophia Winchell in the flash-animated webcast series Ghosts of Albion. She narrates BBC One's cookery programme MasterChef—and also performs voiceovers for television advertisements. She has also appeared in several episodes of the BBC Radio 4 comedy series Elephants to Catch Eels.

Science fiction voice work[edit]

Fisher has provided voices on a number of Science Fiction audio dramas:

She also provides the automated voice for Natwest telephone banking.

Other voice work[edit]


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