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Indy Neidell
Indiana Neidell

(1967-09-28) 28 September 1967 (age 52)
Pennsylvania, United States[1]
EducationSt. John's School, Wesleyan University
OccupationActor, historian, writer, YouTube personality
Home townHouston, Texas

Indiana "Indy" Neidell (born September 28, 1967) is an American historian, actor, voice actor, musician and YouTube personality, best known for presenting the video series, The Great War on The Great War Channel[2][3] which documented World War I in real time using modern research, various secondary sources and archival footage.[4][5] A similar project, World War Two (about World War II) began in September 2018.[6] Neidell is also a writer and actor with credits that include Metropia and numerous commercials in Europe, as well as video game voice-acting.[3][7]

Early life and education[edit]

Neidell was born in Pennsylvania moving to Houston, Texas at nine months old. Neidell attended St. John's School, graduating in 1985.[3] He studied history at Wesleyan University.[3] During an episode of World War Two Indy stated that his mother was born in Egypt. Indy's grandfather, Basil worked for the Egyptian Ministry of Education before joining the Royal Air Force during World War II. At some point after the war ended, he became the Secretary of the International Lawn Tennis Federation.[8]


Neidell was approached by Mediakraft, the producers of The Great War, to host the series after they saw a series of videos he had produced between May and September 2013 about the history of baseball, entitled Watch Sunday Baseball.[9] The Great War spin-off YouTube channel “It's History” also featured Neidell as a guest host for episodes on famous military campaigns.

In June 2017, he launched the TimeGhost History YouTube channel with Spartacus Olsson, the creator of The Great War and producer for its first two years. The first feature was day-by-day coverage of the Cuban Missile Crisis, 55 years to the day after the event. In April 2018, they launched the "Between-2-Wars" series to recap the Interwar period. The Great War project officially ended on November 11, 2018, exactly 100 years after the signing of the Armistice at Compiègne which formally ended all hostilities in the First World War. Neidell stated in his finale video that the channel will continue to release some episodes about events following the First World War. As for himself, Neidell has moved on to focus on other projects, such as the aforementioned World War II series.

With The Great War project (a similar web series which followed World War I) coming to a close in November 2018, Indy Neidell and Spartacus Olsson prepared for an equivalent YouTube project focusing on World War II, which they would produce themselves through their own TimeGhost channel (unlike The Great War) with a projected start date for September 1, 2018. Accounting for the war's longer duration and larger scope for this independent project without the participation of Mediakraft Networks, it is a collaboration of various channels: TimeGhost will focus on a weekly series on the general historical events of the war in the European and Pacific Theatres of the war. To raise the seed money for this project, there has been a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised €54,380 ($63,816).[10] With those funds available, a new studio was built from the ground up in its own building and arrangements were made with media providers such as Reuters News Service for archival footage.[11] The series also has an Instagram account which runs parallel to it and follows the events of World War II on a day-by-day basis.[12] As of March 12, 2020, the YouTube channel had received 26,579,328 views and has over 422,000 subscribers.[13]

In February 2019, Neidell teamed up with Swedish power metal band Sabaton for a project called Sabaton History, for which he is the host and writer. The series documents the historical events surrounding the band's songs. He also portrayed T. E. Lawrence in the music video for Sabaton's song "Seven Pillars of Wisdom".[14]

Personal life[edit]

Neidell lives in Stockholm, Sweden.[3][15] He played Keyboards for Moneybrother for a time.

During the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020, he was diagnosed with COVID-19 in May 2020.[16]


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