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Origin Wrocław, Poland
Genres Black metal
Years active 1992–present
Labels Witching Hour Production
Astral Wings Records
Sound Riot Records

Infernum is a black metal band founded in 1992 in Wrocław, Poland by Grzegorz Jurgielewicz (aka "Anextiomarus" aka "Karcharoth") and Tom Balrog playing also Oppressor at present Baphomets Throne.

Band history[edit]

The group was formed in 1992 in Wroclaw, Poland, from the action of Grzegorz Jurgielewicz stepping out under the pseudonym "Anextiomarus" (electric guitar, bass guitar, singing) and also Tom Balrog (percussive instruments). In this personnel band records a demo entitled The Dawn Will Never Come (1993) and also several months later material promo entitled Damned Majesty into which diet's parties of keyboard instruments realized playing in group Graveland Robert Fudali pseudonym Rob Darken. On breakthrough 1993 and 1994, Tom Balrog leaves the group and is replaced by Capricornus on percussion. To publish in 1994 their debut album entitled Taur - Nu - Fuin was published by Astral Wings Records. This release is seen as an early publication of so-called National Socialist black metal.[1]

Some time later Infernum has been temporarily suspend. Between the full length and the split-up, Infernum recorded a demo When the Light Has Died, with three new songs without vocals and keyboards, which has since been circulating among traders. Soon after that Anextiomarus hangs Infernum's activity. According to Rob Darken, Karcharoth became an informant to the Polish authorities, who were exerting pressure on various individuals connected with black metal groups and nationalist ideologies.[2] [1]

In 2000 Anextiomarus together with guitarist Renfas (Oppressor) later guitarist (Thy Worshiper) create a project called Dagon. They made a recording of one album.

Officially in winter 2002, Infernum renewed activity, with personnel: Anextiomarus (vocal, electric guitar), Charon (percussive instruments), Necromanticus (electric guitar), Wolf (bass guitar) and Exterminus (keyboard instruments). They started to record an album entitled The Curse. After the recordings were finished, on 7 May 2004, Anextiomarus committed suicide, which was the after-effect of many years' disease (the schizophrenia). In 2006, the CD The Curse was published by (Sound Riot Records).

After the split-up of Infernum, Rob Darken and Anextiomarus later on revived and continued their own incarnations of the band, leading to the existence of two different bands from the same city with the same name. Darken's Infernum was against the wishes of Infernum's founder, Anextiomarus. They released an album called Farewell, which contains material from the demo When the Light Has Died.[2]

In the year 2009, Charon as well as Necromanticus departed from the band. Back into Infernum returned one of cofounders of band, Tom Balrog. The band has worked on a new record recently.


  • (1993) The Dawn Will Never Come (Demo)
  • (1993) Damned Majesty (Demo) Witching Hour Production
  • (1994) Taur - Nu - Fuin (CD Astral Wings Records)
  • (1995) When The Light Has Died (unfinished material)
  • (2006) The Curse (CD Sound Riot Records)

Band members[edit]

Current members[edit]

Former members[edit]


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