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Infinitas 1992.jpg
DVD Cover
Directed byMarlen Khutsiev
Produced byValentina Chutova
Written byMarlen Khutsiyev
StarringVladislav Pilnikov
Music byNikolai Karetnikov
CinematographyGennady Karyuk
Vadim Mikhailov
Andrey Epishin
Release date
  • 1992 (1992)
Running time
206 minutes

Infinitas (Russian: Бесконечность, romanizedBeskonechnost) is a 1992 Russian drama film directed by Marlen Khutsiev. It was entered into the 42nd Berlin International Film Festival where it won the Alfred Bauer Prize.[1]


Reflecting on the meaning of life, the hero of the film involuntarily becomes a real participant of his own memories.

His traveling companion — he himself, 20 years ago, a young boy, not burdened by life experience, which is still to come, along with sins and virtues. The hero is like living over his life, trying to find his way back to basics, to learn of his roots.


  • Vladislav Pilnikov
  • Aleksei Zelenov
  • Marina Khazova
  • Anna Tchernakova (as Anna Kudryavtseva)
  • Nina Pritolovskaya
  • Yuri Khlopetsky
  • Natalya Goncharova


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