Infinite (Notaker song)

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Cover art
Single by Notaker
from the album Monstercat 027 – Cataclysm
Released 22 April 2016 (2016-04-22)
Format Digital Download
Recorded 2016
Length 5:55
Label Monstercat
Producer(s) David Nothaker
Notaker singles chronology
"Feel The Rain"

Infinite is a song by American electronic producer Notaker.[1][2][3][4][5] The song was released on 22 April 2016, by the Canadian record label Monstercat.[6][7][8][9][10][11]

Reception and release[edit]

Toby Reaper of Dancing Astronaut described Notaker's style in Infinite as "spacey, adventurous buildups and heavy, technical drops into a progressive sound that thrives in the mid-tempo range".[5] Timmy Kusnierek of Your EDM stated "Infinite centres around the obscure rumbles of a far-off nebula, waxing into a space-faring adventure as a classic progressive synth leads the way", further stating "Overall, the entire production creates a celestial atmosphere that’s too rich to ignore".[2] Petar Lazarevic of We Rave You stated "Infinite, combines spacey overtones sounded out by metallic, hollow atmosphere with a thumping, deep bassline and a simplistic melody into a punchy house offering".[3]

Brian poles of This Song Slaps described Infinite as a song that plays more as a story than a piece of music, stating "the progression through the song through additions and omissions of sounds and going from hard from the first drop to a softer and more melodic final drop tells the story of traveling through space in a great way".[9] John Carr of Global Dance Electronic described the production as a cross between "the dark realm of French Techno and the ethereal atmosphere of trance for a sound that can fit into a myriad of DJ sets and stand out as an epic moment".[7] Joe Hoffman of Dance and Rave stated "Infinite, is a gloriously dynamic blend of melodic and dark, and Progressive and Bass, and is sure to win a lot of fans over with its fluid progressions".[4]


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