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InfoLink Limited
Privately held company
Industry Internet, Telecommunication, Information technology, Internet Service Provider, ISP
Headquarters 56 Reza Plaza, Pragati Sharani, Block J, Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh[1]
Area served
Key people

InfoLink Limited is a Nationwide Bangladeshi internet service provider (ISP) [3] and IT solution company working in the field of broadband internet, connectivity, software development and networking solutions. It was the first company in Bangladesh to commercially deploy Bangladeshi-assembled kiosks, and also does many social activities.[4]

on 24th May 2017 Infolink Successfully started commercial IPv6 beta deployment to end user for the first time in Bangladesh. [5]

Outline of services[edit]

The company provides the following services:

  • Cable and wireless network internet services
  • Data connectivity services
  • Establishment and installation of unified networks
  • Manufacture and connection of visitor kiosks
  • Internet and IT related value-added services
  • Maintenance and monitoring of high-volume network traffic and networking hardware.[6]

The company was awarded a contract for Jamuna Future Park to connect all parts of the large shopping mall to ensure that the entire network can be controlled and maintained from a single location.[6]


  • Bangladesh Computer Samity - BCS membership number 1087.[7]
  • Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services - BASIS membership number G571.[8]
  • E-Commerce Association of bangladesh - e-Cab membership number 485.[9]


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