Inlab Software GmbH

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Inlab Software GmbH
Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
Industry Computer software
Founded 1991, Grünwald, Germany
Headquarters Grünwald, Germany
Key people

Thomas Obermair, Founder, CEO

Bernhard Niederhammer, Development Lead, [CTO]

Inlab Software GmbH is an independent software vendor located in Grünwald, Germany. It develops and markets load balancing software, networking system software, and programming languages.

Inlab's main product is a software TCP/IP load balancer for Linux and Solaris operating systems. BalanceNG is used at many international commercial and academic customer sites.[1] It operates behind the scenes in several hardware appliances from OEM partners.[2][3] Balance is the open source variant of BalanceNG.

Inlab also develops the networking software RBridge, a commercial remote access Ethernet bridge for Linux. It connects two trusted Ethernet segments remotely over UDP, using IPv4 or IPv6 transport mechanisms.

It is also known for Inlab-Scheme, an open source implementation of the algorithmic programming language Scheme. Inlab-Scheme adds features for image processing to Scheme, making it a useful tool for optical character recognition or optical object recognition.


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