Inline figure skating

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Inline figure skating
Dirk Pieter Hogerwerf, inline figure skater.jpg
Dirk Pieter Hogerwerf - The Netherlands
Highest governing body Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports
Nicknames Inline skating
Team members Individuals, duos, or groups
Mixed gender Yes
Equipment Inline skates

Inline figure skating is figure skating on inline figure skates -- three or fourwheel frames with a toe-stop, mounted on figure skating boots in rockered configuration.

Inline figure skating began as an off-ice training alternative for ice figure skaters. The International Roller Sports Federation (FIRS) has recognized it as artistic roller skating on inline skates and includes inline figure skating freestyle competitions at its world championships.[1][2] Most of the participants are quad/inliners.[citation needed]

On the other hand, some ice figure skating member federations such as the ISU recognize the value of inline figure skating as off-ice training and many ice figure skating coaches have become qualified and certified ice/inline figure skating and dance coaches.[citation needed]

Types of skaters[edit]

Ice / Inliners
Ice figure skaters who train off-ice on inline figure skates.
Quad / Inliners
Artistic roller skaters who also skate on inline figure skates.


Snow White Inline Figure Skate

The World Inline Figure Skating Association was established in Paris January 30 2011. The President is Fernand Fedronic. The 8th inline skating Worlds will be held in Cork July 5-8 2018. Teams from France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, United States, Ireland and others will compete.