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Insen scale on C. About this sound Play 

Insen (or In Sen) is a tuning scale adapted from shamisen music by Yatsuhashi Kengyō for tuning of the koto. It only differs from the hirajoshi scale by one note.

In D mode it consists of: D-E-G-A-C[1] so it has the same notes as the Phrygian chord (7susb9).

Other chords compatible with insen scale include maj7#11 when the scale is played half steps lower (for example B in sen scale for Cmaj7#11 chord) and Cm6 and Cm when the scale is played one full step above (for example D insen with Cm6 or Cm chord).

Other scales related to koto instrument include the Hirajoshi, Iwato and Kumoi-choshi scales.


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