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The Institute of Statisticians was a British professional organization founded in 1948 to protect the interests of professional statisticians.[1] It was originally named The Association of Incorporated Statisticians Limited, but this was later changed.[2] The Institute was formed after the Royal Economic Society prevented a 1947 extension to the Royal Charter of the Royal Statistical Society which would have allowed it to carry out examinations.[1]

The Institute of Statisticians attempted to obtain a Royal Charter of its own in 1978 and this led to discussions with the Royal Statistical Society about a possible merger. Talks foundered over disagreement on how to arrange the various membership categories. Within a few years, however, the talks were revisited and, on 1 January 1993, the two organisations merged, becoming simply the Royal Statistical Society.[1]

From 1950 the Institute published a journal, first called The Incorporated Statistician (ISSN 14669404) then renamed The Statistician (ISSN 0039-0526) in 1962, before being subsumed into the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society as Series D upon the merger in 1993.[3][4]

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