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International is an adjective (also used as a noun) meaning "between nations".

International may also refer to:




Socialist politics[edit]

  • The First International (1864–1876), known as the International Workingmen's Association, founded in London in 1864
  • The Second International (1889–1916), founded after the expulsion of Anarchists from the First International, and a direct ancestor of the Socialist International
  • The Third International (1919–1943), known as the Communist International or Comintern, founded by Vladimir Lenin
  • The Fourth International (1938-), founded by Leon Trotsky in opposition to the corruption of the Comintern by Stalinism
  • The Socialist International (1951-), founded as the Labour and Socialist International (1919–1940), and refounded as the Socialist International in 1951
  • The Fifth International, a widely mooted but never established successor to the previous Internationals



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