International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts

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International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts
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Founded1991 (1991)
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The International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts (ICORE) is an international community which promotes action shooting competitions with revolvers. ICORE was founded in 1991 by Mike and Sharon Higashi with a vision of revolver-only competitions where "even the most basic equipment could be used and still provide enjoyment and satisfaction."[1]

The sport has elements from the Bianchi Cup, IPSC, and the Steel Challenge, and has active members in Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Malta and United States.[1]


The scoring method used is Time-Plus Scoring, where the score is the time used by the competitor to complete the course plus time added or subtracted based on hits. [2]


Both paper targets and steel targets (falling and stationary) are used. The standard paper target is the NRA D-1 target which has 4 scoring areas. [2]

International Revolver Champions[edit]

The following is a list of previous and current Revolver World Champions.[3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Year Division Name Nationality
1992 Open Michael Plaxco  USA
1992 Stock Mark Yardley  USA
1993 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
1994 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
1995 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
1996 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
1996 Stock Mark Yardley  USA
1997 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
1997 Stock Mark Yardley  USA
1998 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
1998 Stock Mark Yardley  USA
1999 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
1999 Stock Jay Christen  USA
2000 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
2000 Stock Jason Pettitt  USA
2001 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
2001 Stock Angus Hobdell  UK
2002 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
2002 Stock Daniel Furbee  USA
2003 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
2003 Limited Jason Pettitt  USA
2004 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
2004 Limited Jason Pettitt  USA
2005 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
2005 Limited Jason Pettitt  USA
2006 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
2006 Limited Rob Leatham  USA
2007 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
2007 Limited Nils Jonasson  USA
2008 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
2008 Limited John Bagakis  USA
2009 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
2009 Limited John Bagakis  USA
2010 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
2010 Limited John Bagakis  USA
2011 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
2011 Limited John Bagakis  USA
2012 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
2012 Limited John Bagakis  USA
2012 Classic Josh Lentz  USA
2013 Open Jerry Miculek  USA
2013 Limited John Bagakis  USA
2013 Classic Josh Lentz  USA
2014 Open Rich Wolfe  USA
2014 Limited David Olhasso  USA
2014 Classic Josh Lentz  USA
2015 Open Rich Wolfe  USA
2015 Limited David Olhasso  USA
2015 Classic Josh Lentz  USA
2016 Open Rich Wolfe  USA
2016 Limited Michael Poggie  USA
2016 Limited 6 Shannon Smith  USA
2016 Classic Josh Lentz  USA
2017 Open Michael Poggie  USA
2017 Limited David Olhasso  USA
2017 Limited 6 James Mcginty  USA
2017 Classic Josh Lentz  USA
2018 Open Michael Poggie  USA
2018 Limited John Bagakis  USA
2018 Limited 6 James Mcginty  USA
2018 Classic Josh Lentz  USA
2019 Open Michael Poggie  USA
2019 Limited Alexander Bakken  USA
2019 Limited 6 James Mcginty  USA
2019 Classic Josh Lentz  USA

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