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An international identifier is a number of different size which comes above or beside the national identification number and helps to identify a company over several countries in the world.

The main tools used as international identifiers are : EasyNumber, DUNS number, International Suppliers Network, European Business Register, international Business Identifier Code (BIC/ISO 9362, a normalized code for trade, especially popular in banking area as the international Bank_code - also known as Bank Identifier Code, Bank International Code and SWIFT code),...

Practical applications[edit]

The use of international identifiers is relevant in a wide range of business functions:

  • Financial Department:
Consistent basis for risk assessment.
Handling of corporate transparency issues.
  • IT Department:
Data access improvement: cross-base access, cross-base requests.
Update of the different databases: cleaning of duplicates, address maintenance.
  • Sales Department:
Manage multi-channel sales activities.
Address updating.
Prospect targeting.
  • Marketing Department:
Access to up-to-date profile information.
Removal of inactive companies.
Basis for a portfolio analysis

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