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This article is about the e-commerce company. For the former East German retail stores, see Intershop.
Intershop Communications AG
Public company
Industry E-Commerce, Computer Software, IT Services
Founded 1992 (as "NetConsult")
Founder Stephan Schambach, Karsten Schneider, Wilfried Beeck
Headquarters Jena, Germany
Number of locations
15 (Germany: Jena, Hamburg, Ilmenau, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, USA: San Francisco, Australia: Melbourne, China: Hong Kong, Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Bulgaria: Sofia, France: Paris, Italy: Milano, Netherlands: Amsterdam, Sweden: Göteborg, United Kingdom: London)
Area served
Key people
Dr. Jochen Wiechen (CEO/Vorsitzender), Axel Köhler
Products E-Commerce-Solutions: Intershop Commerce Suite
Services Supplier Management, Fulfillment, Online Marketing, Professional Services, Training, Support
Revenue EUR 51.77 million[1]
EUR 2.6 million[1]
EUR 3.0 million[1]
Total assets EUR 41.2 million[1]
Total equity EUR 28.2 million[1]
Number of employees

Intershop Communications is one of the major providers of omni-channel E-Commerce solutions to large-sized companies world-wide. The company is headquartered in Jena (Thuringia) in Jentower, former Intershop Tower. It has offices in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, San Francisco (U.S.), Melbourne (Australia), and Hong Kong (Asia) as well. Main product of Intershop is the e-commerce solution Intershop Commerce Suite. In addition fulfillment (outsourcing of the entire e-commerce process), Online Marketing SoQuero and supplier management TheBakery. This portfolio is supplemented by consulting and support services. More than 500 enterprise and mid-sized customers use Intershop solutions, for example, HP, BMW, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, and Mexx. The share of Intershop is in the CDAX, PRIMEALL, TECHALLSHARE stock market indices.

Company History[edit]

Intershop was founded in 1992 as "NetConsult" by Stephan Schambach, Karsten Schneider, and Wilfried Beeck. The Company in 1995 created the first German WWW-based online store.[2] Also in 1995, they created "Intershop Online, the first standard software for e- commerce applications",[3] marketed in the U.S. one year later [4] (see also Online shopping) and continued to be one of the leading software developers for this early time of the market.[5]

Beyond that it is known as one of the prime German examples of the so-called "New Economy bubble" (company value rose to 11 billion USD in 2000 only to fall to penny stock levels in very short time[3]). At one point, a profit warning by Intershop caused widespread losses for other tech companies; for example, even SAP's stock fell by 8%.[6] The company hardly survived the crash but was able to keep operating and to continue development of its products. In the process, about 30 spin-offs were founded, including Pixaco (later acquired by Hewlett-Packard), and Demandware,.[3]

It now is a major player in its segment again, having gained new customers as well as strong partners. Since 2010 GSI Commerce (owned by EBay since 2011) is a major (minority) shareholder in Intershop Communications, using Intershop's software for its own customers.


The newest product is the e-commerce solution Intershop 7 released in March 2012. It includes selling to B2C, B2B, using partners for selling and the integration of suppliers. The special features are the Design View, Promotion Engine and the Multi-Touch-Point Functionality. Intershop 7 also includes all features for international and successful selling:

  • SEO and SEA
  • search capabilities
  • A/B test functionalities
  • personalized ordering process
  • automated order processing
  • customer data management
  • catalog and product management
  • system integration capability
  • performance and growth

Intershop also offers a fulfillment solution for outsourcing the whole e-commerce process (see One stop e-commerce). Online Marketing (SoQuero) and a transaction plattform (TheBakery) are available services as well.

For more information watch Paul's E-Commerce video.


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