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Intex Osaka.jpg
The entrance to Intex Osaka
Address1-5-102, Nanko-Kita,
LocationSuminoe-ku, Osaka, Osaka, Japan
Coordinates34°38′14″N 135°25′5″E / 34.63722°N 135.41806°E / 34.63722; 135.41806Coordinates: 34°38′14″N 135°25′5″E / 34.63722°N 135.41806°E / 34.63722; 135.41806
OwnerCity of Osaka
OperatorOsaka International Business Promotion Center
Built23 December 1983 - 31 March 1985
Inaugurated31 March 1985
Opened1 May 1985
ExpandedOctober 1993 (Hall 6)
Construction cost
¥17.6 billion (¥20.9 billion in 2019 yen[1])
Classroom-style seating
Theatre seating
Enclosed space
 • Total space75,726 m2 (815,110 sq ft)
 • Exhibit hall floor72,978 m2 (785,530 sq ft)
 • Breakout/meetingHall 5: 814 m2 (8,760 sq ft) (1 hall and 5 rooms)
the Center Bldg.: 300 m2 (3,200 sq ft) (7 rooms))
Hall 6: 1,510 m2 (16,300 sq ft) (2 halls and 9 rooms)
Hall 2 124 m2 (1,330 sq ft) (1 room)
 • Ballroom1,129 m2 (12,150 sq ft) (2 halls)
ParkingPermanent: About 1,880 units (1 rooftop and 1 outdoor areas)
Public transit accessNakafutō Station

INTEX Osaka (インテックス大阪, Intekkusu Ōsaka), officially known as International Exhibition Center, Osaka (大阪国際見本市会場, Ōsaka kokusai mihon-ichi kaijō), is a convention and exhibition center in Suminoe-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. The center is located on the Business Creation and Information Transmission Zone of Cosmosquare District in Sakishima Island, a planned business exchange and trading district in Osaka Bay area.

With 72,978 square meters of exhibition area, the venue ranks third in the nation, behind Tokyo Big Sight and Makuhari Messe in terms of total exhibition space. The abbreviation "INTEX" stands for "INTernational EXhibithion center."

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