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Intimate Reflections is a 1975 British independent drama film directed by Don Boyd and starring Anton Rodgers, Lillias Walker, Sally Anne Newton and Jonathan David. It was Boyd's first feature film and premiered at the 1975 London Film Festival.[1][2][3] Boyd described it as a study both of sexual infidelity and the clash between youth and middle-age.[4]


Robert and Jane are a middle-aged couple grieving over a dead daughter. Michael and Zonny are a young couple with a bright future ahead of them. The film dwells on their parallel lives.



The film attracted little attention outside the 1975 London Film Festival.

Boyd had hoped to interest British Lion in the film as a 'British Emanuelle' but in the event they backed out, branding it as 'very specialised fare', although Michael Deeley did lend Boyd £500 to take it to the States and tart it around as his 'calling card'.[4] However Time Out (New York) slated it thus [5]

Surely the worst film of the year ... no amount of special pleading, bonhomie towards experiment, or explanation of motive can hide the fact that the result is like a synthesis of every bad detail of every bad undergraduate film you've ever seen.


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