Inver Hills Community College

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Inver Hills Community College
Logo of Inver Hills Community College
Established 1970
Type Public Community college
Chancellor Steven J. Rosenstone(MnSCU)
President Tim Wynes, J.D.
Students 6,400 each semester
Location Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, USA
Campus Suburban, 90 acres (36 ha)

Inver Hills Community College is a community college located in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. Founded in 1970, the college is part of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System (MnSCU) system. The 90-acre (36 ha) campus consists of nine buildings, as opposed to many community and technical colleges which are mainly housed in one or two buildings. Inver Hills has more than 4,000 students per semester, and the college offers 27 degree associate programs in liberal education as well as career-related degrees.


Students may drive their own vehicles to campus, carpool, or use public transportation. Parking is available to students, staff, and visitors with no permit required. The cost of parking is factored into tuition costs, and staff pay their own fees. The parking fee can be waived from tuition costs if you fill out a form at the Business Office and you meet these requirements : carpooling, ride the bus, live at Hills Apartments(nearby), or live close and walk to campus.[1] Those with Handicap Licenses are encourage to park at the College Center or Fine Arts parking lots. Currently there are five parking lots : North Parking Lot, Fine Arts Parking Lot, Liberal Arts Parking Lot, College Center Parking Lot, and South Parking Lot.[2] Important information is contained in the "Parking Lot" rules.[3]

Carpooling can be done unofficially through friends, family, students, or semi-officially through Metro Transits RideShare program. The RideShare program attempts to connect commuters with people headed the same direction, by creating an environment online, that facilitates carpooling. Metro Transit gives tips on how to coordinate with people, common practices, etc.[4]

Public transportation is also available through Metro Transit (Metropolitan Council ). Typically this is in the form of buses, which take regular or express routes, and light rail. For college students there are "Go-To Passes" which significantly reduce the cost of transportation. The cost for a "Go-To Pass" can range from $140 to $175 a semester. Students have to pay the difference if any ride exceeds $3.00.[4]


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