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Invisible Hands Music
Founded 1987 (1987)
Founder Charles Kennedy
Country of origin  England
Location London
Official website

Invisible Hands Music is a UK based independent record label.[1]

Invisible Hands Music is known for its releases in the years 2003-2010 when based in London's Camden Town neighbourhood. The label was founded by musician Charles Kennedy. The company name first appeared on cassettes sold at gigs by Kennedy's first band Night World in 1987. The first CD release was Fretwork Southeast, a compilation album of local bands from Southwest London in 1993. After three more CDs in the series, and an eponymous debut album by Kennedy's next musical project, The Aries Project, the label moved into signing artists starting with Wishbone Ash, and singer-songwriter, Rob Reynolds. Other releases in the 1990s, distributed by Pinnacle in the UK, included electro compilations such as Speed Garage Invasion and Drum n Bass Invasion.

After a gap of five years, the label restarted operations in Camden Town in January 2003, releasing products such as a box set of new music by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, a box set of previously released music by Wishbone Ash, and a compilation of covers of David Bowie songs. Hazel O'Connor joined the label with a reissue series of her 1990s albums. Releases included music by guitarist Stevie Salas, Silver Sun (two studio albums), Hugh Cornwell (two studio albums and a live set) and Thomas Dolby (live CD / DVD box set).

In 2008, Invisible Hands Music made the news by signing the (partially) reformed lineup of The Jam, and making the new Hugh Cornwell album, Hooverdam, available as a free download.

After a four-year hiatus between 2010 and 2014, the label restarted operations in London's West End, rereleasing The Aries Project's eponymous album under the new title "English Ghosts".

Other artists and releases:

The above 4 releases were half-speed mastered at Abbey Road studios by Miles Showell.

Releases for 2016 were by Animotion, Crosby & Nash, Superdrone (flexi-disk project), REM, Pearl Jam and James Taylor.


All titles on CD unless otherwise stated

  • IH1 Night World Invisible Hands (cassette)
  • IH2 Night World The Bears at the End of the Garden (cassette)
  • IH3 Night World Grand Designs (cassette)
  • IH4 Night World Charge of the Night Brigade (cassette)
  • IHCD5 Various Fretwork Southeast
  • IHCD6 The Aries Project The Aries Project later reissued as English Ghosts
  • IHCD7 Various Fretwork Southeast 2: The Crossing
  • IHCD8 Rob Reynolds Waiting For The Tide
  • IHCD9 Various Fretwork 3: Upshot
  • IHCD10 Various Fretwork 4: Electronic
  • IHCD11 Night World Atmospheres
  • IHCD12 Wishbone Ash Trance Visionary
  • IHCD14 Various Drum & Bass Invasion
  • IHCD15 Various Speed Garage Invasion
  • IHCD16 Various Diamond Gods: Interpretations of Bowie
  • IHCD17 Rob Reynolds Samsara Never Sleeps
  • IHCD18 Hazel O'Connor Beyond The Breaking Glass
  • IHCD19 Hazel O'Connor Live in Berlin
  • IHCD20 Hazel O'Connor 5 In The Morning
  • IHCD21 Hazel O'Connor Acoustically Yours
  • IHCD22 Rob Reynolds Sightseeing
  • IHCD23 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Reworks: Brain Salad Perjury (3-CD box set)
  • IHCD24 Wishbone Ash Wonderful Stash (3-CD box set)
  • IHCD25 Ade Payne My Town
  • IHCD26 Clear Coming Round
  • IHCD27 Whysome Not Even Close To What It Was Meant To Be (IR01)
  • IHCD28 UK Subs Staffordshire Bull
  • IHCD29 The Vibrators Live: Near The Seedy Mill Golf Club
  • IHCD30 Cheap & Nasty Cool Talk Injection
  • IHCD31 Hazel O'Connor A Singular Collection: The Best of Hazel O'Connor
  • IHCD32 Cormac De Barra Barco
  • IHCD33 Mick Karn More Better Different
  • IHCD34 Forest Giants In Sequence
  • IHCD35 Silver Sun Disappear Here
  • IHCD36 Rob Reynolds Live in Den Haag
  • IHCD37 Hazel O'Connor Hidden Heart
  • IHCD38 Hugh Cornwell Beyond Elysian Fields
  • IHCD39 Stevie Salas The Sun & The Earth: The Essential Stevie Salas Vol. 1
  • IHCD40 Various Northern Line: The British At NXNE
  • IHCD41 Rob Reynolds The Curious World
  • IHCD42 Silver Sun Dad's Weird Dream
  • IHCD43 Hugh Cornwell Dirty Dozen
  • IHCD44 Hugh Cornwell People, Places, Pieces (3-CD box set)
  • IHCD45 Various Lost & Found
  • IHCD49 Birds of Wales Fall of the 49 EP
  • IHCD50 Various Contemporary Formation
  • IHCD51 Thomas Dolby The Sole Inhabitant (CD and DVD box set)
  • IHCD52 Hugh Cornwell Hooverdam (CD and DVD box set; vinyl)
  • IHCD53 From The Jam A First Class Return (DVD box set)
  • IHCD59 Dave Bartram "Lost and Found"
  • IHCD60 Mishka Shubaly "Cowards Path"
  • IHCD61 Hugh Cornwell "The Fall and Rise of Hugh Cornwell"
  • IHCD62 Animotion "Raise Your Expectations"
  • IHCD63 Miranda Lee Richards "Echoes of The Dreamtime"
  • IH65 Tangerine Dream "Out of this World"
  • IH66 Rush "Timeless Wavelength"
  • IH67 Crosby & Nash "Wind on the Water"

N/A The Aries Project Echo Park / Ionisphere Blue / Up / Underpass

  • IHSCD4 The Aries Project Shelter, Medina, Stateless
  • IHSCD5 Rob Reynolds Stormy Weather
  • IHSCD6 Rob Reynolds Take It Easy
  • IHST7 Wishbone Ash Heritage (12" vinyl)
  • IHCDS10 Clear Johnny Marr Was A Mistake
  • IHCDS11 Rob Reynolds Sweet Mother
  • IHCDS12 OK Cola Everybody Wants To Be A DJ*
  • IHS14 Forest Giants Postcards (7" vinyl)
  • IHCDS15 Clear Over And Over
  • IHCDS16 Rob Reynolds Heaven Knows
  • IHCDS17 The Kates EP (CD and 12" vinyl)
  • IHCDS19 Hazel O'Connor One More Try
  • IHCDS20 The Kates Suicide Valentine
  • IHCDS21 Junk TV Oh England
  • IHCDS22 Rob Reynolds Sweet Mother
  • IHCDS23 Silver Sun Bubblegum
  • IHCDS25 Rob Reynolds Heaven Knows
  • IHCDS26 Hazel O'Connor Perfect Days
  • IHCDS27 Silver Sun Immediate
  • IHCDS28 Hugh Cornwell Under Her Spell
  • IHCDS29 Hazel O'Connor I'll See You Again/ Hidden
  • IHCDFREEME1 Rob Reynolds Free Me
VIDEO (promo only)
  • VHS Rob Reynolds Stormy Weather
  • VHS Rob Reynolds Take It Easy
  • VHS Rob Reynolds Sweet Mother
  • VHS Clear Johnny Marr Was A Mistake
  • VHS Hazel O'Connor One More Try
  • VHS Mick Karn The Jump
  • DVD Various IHM Artists
  • DVD Hugh Cornwell Live In London
  • Hugh Cornwell Live: Live It & Breathe It (HISCD004)
  • David Fisher Firehorse
  • Manana Fast Days EP
  • Exposed (In Yer Face Records IYF-01CD) includes Night World Remote
  • Future Sounds Of Underground Garage (Intrinsic Records TOYCD008) includes Night World Grass Roots and DJ Aries In Awe Of Stratus Girl
  • United Flava Of Drum n Bass: The Junglist Jazz Selection (Intrinsic Records TOYCD1006) includes Fledgling feat DJ Tyrone and The Aries Project Baby Jane
  • Definitive Underground Drum n Bass (Ration-L RALVP002CD) includes The Aries Project New Foundations (Fledgling's Incision Mix)
  • Seminal Excursions In Underground Garage: 40 Crucial Cuts (Ration-L RALVP007CD) includes DJ Aries feat Mikey Davenport Sitting All Alone
  • The British At Midem 2004 includes Rob Reynolds Sweet Mother
  • The British At Midem 2005 includes Rob Reynolds Sweet Mother
  • The British At Midem 2007 includes Silver Sun Fallen
  • The British At Popkomm 2005 includes Rob Reynolds Sweet Mother
  • The British At Popkomm 2007 includes Thomas Dolby I Live In A Suitcase
  • AIM For China 2004
  • AIM For America 2006 includes Silver Sun, Rob Reynolds, Hugh Cornwell
  • BPI UK Indie Synch Sampler November 2005 includes Rob Reynolds Change My World


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