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Iona Capital Ltd
Industry Investment Management
Founded 2011
Headquarters London, England
Key people
Mike Dunn, Nick Ross
Products Venture capital trust, Enterprise Investment Scheme

Iona Capital Ltd is a fund management company, managing equity and debt for private and institutional investors.[1] The fund manager seeks to invest in start-up companies which contribute to the UK Government target of reducing waste sent to landfill and places emphasis on strong management teams.


The Company was established by Nick Ross and Mike Dunn in 2011 with a focus on renewable energy infrastructure projects. Since its conception, the Iona Capital Ltd has been making financially driven investments primarily in the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants. Mike Dunn brought 20 years of waste management and investment infrastructure experience to the company.[2][3] Nick Ross has a broad range of investment experience having sat on a number of investee company boards.

Funds under management[edit]

Iona Environmental VCT Plc [4][edit]

The fund was launched by the Company in 2009 [5][6] to invest in Anaerobic Digestion (AD) or In-vessel composting (IVC) plant operations, or companies demonstrating similar investment characteristics. In July 2011 the Company has launched a further fund by the issue of a new class of share,[7][8] the B shares, and broadening its investing policy to allow to invest in the environmental infrastructure projects, focussing on organic waste recycling in the UK. The IEVCT fund offered a unique opportunity for the investors to contribute to development of renewable energy generation projects.[9][10]

Iona Environmental Infrastructure LP (IEILP)[edit]

IEILP was established in 2011 to attract institutional investors.

Current portfolio of investments[edit]

These are the portfolio startups that have been publicly announced (as at April 2013) under the care of Iona Capital Ltd.

Company Industry Date
Rosewood Energy Limited [11] Anaerobic Digestion January, 2012
Biogen Gwyriad Limited [12][13] Anaerobic Digestion July, 2012
R3 Products Limited [14] Plastic molding (process) September, 2012
Gradena Limited [15] Plastic molding October, 2012
Biogen Waen Limited [16] Anaerobic Digestion October, 2012
Stanley Renewable Energy Limited [17] Anaerobic Digestion December, 2012
JFS Howla Hay Biogas Limited [18] Anaerobic Digestion March, 2013


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