Iquiri Formation

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Iquiri Formation
Stratigraphic range: Eifelian-Frasnian
~392–377 Ma
TypeGeological formation
UnderliesSaipurú Formation
OverliesLos Monos Formation
PrimaryBlack shale
Coordinates18°00′S 65°00′W / 18.0°S 65.0°W / -18.0; -65.0Coordinates: 18°00′S 65°00′W / 18.0°S 65.0°W / -18.0; -65.0
Approximate paleocoordinates69°48′S 78°36′W / 69.8°S 78.6°W / -69.8; -78.6
RegionCochabamba Department
Country Bolivia
ExtentCordillera Oriental
Iquiri Formation is located in Bolivia
Iquiri Formation
Iquiri Formation (Bolivia)

The Iquiri Formation is an Eifelian to Frasnian geologic formation of central Bolivia. The formation comprises black shales and sandstones.[1]

Fossil content[edit]

The formation has provided fossils of Proteolobus walli.

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Further reading[edit]

  • G. D. Wood. 1997. The acritarch Proteolobus walli gen et sp. nov. from the Devonian Iquiri Formation of Bolivia: a possible coenobial alga. Micropaleontology 43(3):325-331