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Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) (in Persian: سازمان پژوهش‌های علمی و صنعتی ایران) is a comprehensive science policy research center directly attached to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran which was approved and ratified by Revolutionary Council of Iran in 1980. IROST is the biggest research center in Iran and is particularly engaged in development of strategies, policies, R&D systems, management, foresight and evaluation of related Science and Technology (S&T) development and S&T for economic progress.

IROST has made advances in providing alternative sources of energy, namely solar energy, biodiesel from microalgae and bi-ethanol from agricultural waste. IROST has also made progress in pharmacological fields.

IROST undertakes commissioned research with International Organizations such as,

International Journals[edit]

  1. Advances in Environmental Technology
  2. Hydrogen, Fuel Cell & Energy Storage
  3. Innovative Food Technologies
  4. Journal of Particle Science and Technology
  5. Journal of Technology Development Management
  6. Microbiology, Metabolites and Biotechnology

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