Isaac's Harbour, Nova Scotia

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Isaac's Harbour, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Isaac's Harbour, Nova Scotia
Isaac's Harbour in Nova Scotia

Isaac's Harbour is a small community in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, located in the Municipality of the District of Guysborough in Guysborough County.

In 1861 gold was discovered in quartz veins on the Isaac's Harbour anticline to the east of the community in Goldboro, Nova Scotia. In 1892, Howard Richardson was the first to note gold within shale and quartz veins which became generally known as the Boston Richardson Belt. Mining on the property began in 1892 when the Richardson Gold Mining Company started developing the belt and continued until 1912.[1]

At present Orex Exploration is conducting an extensive exploration program for gold in the areas around Isaac's Harbour.


Coordinates: 45°10′56.42″N 61°39′45.25″W / 45.1823389°N 61.6625694°W / 45.1823389; -61.6625694 (Isaac's Harbour, Nova Scotia)

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