Isabel Pisano

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Isabel Pisano
Born 1944
Nationality Uruguayan
Occupation Actress, journalist, writer

Isabel Pisano (Montevideo, 1944) is a Uruguayan actress and journalist that has lived in several countries.


She has worked with several film directors from Argentina, Spain (Bilbao by Bigas Luna) and Italy (Casanova by Federico Fellini).

War journalist for RAI (Italy) and El Mundo, she covered Palestine, Lebanon, Chad, Iraq, Bosnia and Somalia. She was the only journalist present at Mosul and Basra bombings in 1993.[1] She was granted a medal by the Spanish Culture Ministry.

The film Whore (2004) is based upon her book Yo, puta.

She has also written Bigas Luna's biography Sombras de Bigas, luces de Luna.

Isabel Pisano was married to Argentinian composer Waldo de los Ríos, who died in 1977. Later she accompanied Yasser Arafat during 12 years.[2]

Selected filmography[edit]


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