Isengard (band)

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Origin Oslo, Norway
Genres Black metal, pagan metal, folk metal
Years active 1989–1995
Labels Moonfog, Deaf, Peaceville
Associated acts Darkthrone, Storm, Valhall, Dødheimsgard
Past members Fenriz

Isengard was a pagan black metal solo project of Fenriz, famous for being the drummer of Darkthrone, created in 1989.

It is rooted on Norwegian black/Viking metal and experimental rock on some tracks, and named after the large fortress Isengard in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings book series.


The person/creature in Isengard's logo was taken from an old Lord of the Rings RPG called Middle-earth Role Playing. The original illustration represents Thuringwethil, the vampire from Tolkien's book The Silmarillion.

Fenriz created Isengard because he had many musical ideas that didn't fit in with the style and music of Darkthrone.

Fenriz performed all instruments and vocals himself.

Vinterskugge is a compilation of three demos recorded before the full-length album, Høstmørke was recorded.

When asked how he felt about Isengard in a November 2007 interview, Fenriz commented that he doesn't "understand why people like it so much".[1] He stated that people like "the elements" which he doesn't like, namely the project's folk metal aspect.[1]

In 2016, Peaceville Records issued a two-song 7" entitled "Traditional Doom Cult".[2] Its A-side, "The Light", was recorded in 1989 whereas the B-side "The Fright" was recorded in the early 1990s.


  • Spectres over Gorgoroth (demo, 1989)
  • Horizons (demo, 1991)
  • Vandreren (demo, 1993)
  • Vinterskugge (compilation, 1994)
  • Høstmørke (1995)
  • Traditional Doom Cult (2016)