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Islamonline Logo.png
Type of site
Available inArabic, English
OwnerAl-Balagh Cultural Society
Revenuemainly financed by donations and by selling its technical know-how to other Islamic institutions[1]
LaunchedJune 24, 1997[2]

IslamOnline is a global Islamic website on the Internet providing services to Muslims and non-Muslims in several languages. Its motto is "credibility and distinction".[3]


The website consists of forums on various issues, such as politics, new Muslims and entertainment, as well as other interactive venues, such as an "Ask the Scholar" section, where visitors can post questions regarding Islam.[4] The Arabic and English sections are tailored to appeal to their respective audiences.[1] In just four years (2000–2003), around 306,691 materials have been published, 233,223 of which are in Arabic while 73,486 are in English.[5]


The IslamOnline administrative office is located in Doha, Qatar. Its content is managed by the Al-Balagh Cultural Society.

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