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Ismail Ahmedani (1930-2007) (اسماعیل احمدانی) was a famous Saraiki writer. He is a celebrated novelist and fiction writer. Rasoolpur Ahmedani has done much to promote the Saraiki language. He was born 1 January 1930 in a small village "Khoi" in Rajanpur District, British India (now Pakistan). His father Muhammad Moosa Khan was a famous writer and teacher. He earned a BA in art from Dera Ghazi Khan after which Ismail Ahmedani started his life as a teacher from Bahawal pur and then Khan pur district Rahim Yar Khan. After getting his LL.B from Sindh University in Hyder Abad Pakistan he started his legal practice in Sanghar Sindh. Firstly he began to write in Urdu. Sometimes he wrote in his mother tongue Saraiki. He wrote some poems in Saraiki but later he decided to write prose. He wrote several symbolic fictions. He wrote two novels named Cholian (waves) and Amar Khani (living story) He was awarded Khwaja Ghulam Farid award by the Pakistan Academy of Letters on Chholian.[citation needed] He wrote a travelogue named Peet de Pandh (travel of love)[1] and won an award for this writing. He wrote several articles on legendary Saraiki poet Khawaja Farid and also several articles about Saraiki language and linguistics. He was a critic of Saraiki literature and wrote several articles on this topic.[citation needed] He wrote his autobiography named Yadden De Kak Muhal (places of memories). In 2013 he was again awarded the Khwaja Ghulam Farid award for literature in the Saraiki language for this autobiography.[2]

He had two sons and six daughters. His elder son's name is Sarmad Moosa Laghari and younger son's name is Asad Moosa Laghari. Sarmad Moosa Laghari is the Manager in PTCL Karachi. Ahmedani spent 35 years in Sanghar, Sindh [Pakistan]. After that he went back to his own village, Rasoolpur, where he spent seven years. Due to his poor health, he went back to Sindh Karachi. There he spent three years.[citation needed]

Ismail Ahmedani died at Karachi on 6 June 2007 and was buried in his village Rasoolpur. The cause of his death was a heart attack.[citation needed]

Published books[edit]

  • Peet Dey Pandh( پیت دے پندہ)A travelogue from Sanghar to Fort Manro(Awarded), Publisher: Rasūlpūr, Z̤ilaʻ Ḍerah G̲h̲āzī K̲h̲ān : Sirāʼekī Pablīkeshanz ; Baḥāvalpūr : Milne kā patah, Sirāʼekī Lāʼibrerī, (1980)[1]
  • Chuoliyan(چولیاں ) A novel about Existentialism [1]. (Awarded)
  • Amar Kahaani( امر کہانی) A novel about Saraiki movement
  • Yadeen de kaak Mahal( یادین دی کاک محل) Autobiography (Awarded)

Unpublished books[edit]

  • Hakra wal wahse(حاکرا ول واسی ) Drama
  • Moona leza dii Murk( مونالیزا دی مرک) A collection of eleven fictions


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